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Monday, June 9, 2008

David and Stacy's Wedding - A Beautiful Day in May

What a beautiful day: A lovely bride, handsome groom, adorable flower girl (Cora) and ring bearer (my one and only Harrison), complete with beautiful bridesmades, pretty flowers, and the love of family and friends from all over!

More photos next time,


Did I say signs of spring? Still feels like winter in Pullman!

Interesting weather we're having. I have made several posts, reassuring myself, others; who knows why, that spring is coming, or better yet, it's here. But really, if it is June and you can see your breath half the day (which I could last Saturday), then really, is it spring, seriously!

Nonetheless, my brother's spring wedding to the lovely Stacy Wilson has come and gone (May 24th)...they planned a spring wedding.

My flowers have been blooming...although I've been worrying they might freeze some nights.

School is almost out...finally. (This photo is from the 1st day of school last fall)

So, even if it doesn't feel like it, I guess spring is here.

Next post...photos from the wedding...