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Monday, August 30, 2010

It's been a big week...

Very unceremoniously, the first day of school has arrived. After a seemingly short and cool summer, one not full enough of days at the pool, time with friends, and no family vacay to speak of, fall is here.

This year, as my blog followers have come to expect, there were the first day of school photos. There are differences though...

Spencer started 9th grade at Pullman. High. School. Yes, I am that old, and so is he. Hoping he could get out of photos on the first day, he was out the door and off to 0 period (Jazz Band) at 7:05 am while I was in the shower. Grr. This was a set back.

Camryn, my "tween" girl, was off to Lincoln Middle School (6th grade) last week, and after some "first day jitters" we dropped her off at school and she's been great ever since! The changes here? Note "the look". She's growing up fast!

Harrison, is starting his big adventure as a 2nd grader at Jefferson Elementary School and without siblings or the usual neighbors to walk to school with, is now getting chummy with Hannah as they are the only two kids on our end of the street.

So, with one kid gone, and the other two begrudgingly agreeing to First Day Photos, I began scheming my plan to capture Spencer on "film". Should you be worrying that I'll take photos of him on the first day of college, don't worry. That is where I will draw the line and cut the cord.