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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oops...I almost forgot I have a blog.

So where was I?

Oh right...catching things up. You know what is funny? My 3.4 blog followers know I love to scrapbook. They also know I don't commit photos to paper in chronological order...I create as I feel led, and then place them in order in albums later.

So why can't I seem to do that here...on this blog?

That is a bigger question for another day. So, continuing in the "I only blog in chronological order" practice, please, for now, think of this as mid-May. That way this post would be "right on time".

Ta - Da! I finished! I wrote 250 pages of absolutely riveting and fascinating research about the leadership identity development of fraternity and sorority students. And the powers that be (i.e. my committee) accepted the "dribble" and allowing me to graduate in May. There are pictures to prove it, and a very surprising, surprise party to top it off! Surrounded by friends and some family, we celebrated! Yahoo! But...like all doctoral graduates, my diploma folder had a nice letter in is saying "congratulations...your official diploma will be sent later". I couldn't help but think, "what if they made a mistake, or I forgot to turn in a form and I didn't really get this degree?"

OK, pretend it is July again. The official diploma came in the mail. I guess it really is official.

You can still call me Anita, but my business cards now say, Anita J. Cory, PhD.