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Monday, May 19, 2008

More Signs of Spring

Ah...a warm day at the "Castle Park"...Camryn showed us a few of her gymnastics moves learned over the winter. Another unfortunate sign of spring was the mosqito infestation that drove us out of the park prematurely...Does anyone have any good ideas on how to keep them away? Cam and I are getting eaten alive!

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Friday, May 9, 2008

More Signs of Spring

If you ask my kids, they'll tell you one of the signs of spring is obligatory photos in some sort of coordinated clothing with various flowers blooming in the front yard as the backdrop. Yes, "we" do this every spring. Sometimes the photos end up as the Mothers' Day card/mini-book for Grandmas Ruth & Chris, but this year, due to the "lucky" theme going on, there will be reflection on how lucky I am to be a Mom.

So, here are SEVEN of the reasons I am LUCKY to be Spencer, Harrison and Camryn's Mom:
1. I have a steady supply of affection.
2. I have handmade gifts, cards, ornaments and macaroni art going "way back".
3. I get to be part of shaping three amazing humans into responsible adults.
4. I get to be a grandmother someday (not too soon please).
5. I have a mini-me (see oldest child), and two that always remind me of how much I love their Dad (note the magnificent blue eyes on #2 and #3 kiddos).
5. I have minions to help around the house/yard.
6. I get to drive a mini van (wait, does that make me lucky, or dorky?)
7. Said mini van makes it easier to be a soccer and gymnastics mom...so, I'm lucky to be a chauffer.

Nothing like spring, blooming flowers, and my kids to put me in a good mood.
Am I lucky? Nope...
I'd say BLESSED!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

Signs of Spring

After what felt like the longest winter, ever and certainly some evidence that global warming has not arrived in the Pacific Northwest, I offer a few signs of spring.

Soccer season is here. Granted, the first game was played in a skiff of snow, by 12 year old boys wearing under armor, hats and gloves, but if you wait long enough, or travel far enough* you will really feel that spring is here. Spencer's team, the U-12 Pumas, are in a new league, and playing with a slightly bigger team (on the field). All the boys seem to have grown during the winter, and everyone is playing better than ever...including Spencer.

Now, in case you haven't heard, soccer is the "universal game", the real football. While the Pumas are still working through the concerns of how many bumps, bruises and scrapes they are willing to have after each game, this sport is so cool. I can't believe how much running they do. This is a rough sport too...no pads, no helmets, and a whole lot of roughness.

Ah...boys...love 'em!


*last weekend we travelled nearly 4 hours for this game in Yakima, WA (a warmer part of the state)...
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The Comfort of a Sister...

I ran across this quote today...

Is solace anwhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister. --Alice Walker


My mom, Ruth (left) and her sister Winona, have been through alot together...they lost their mother when they were ages 6 and 11, gained 4 new brothers when Grandpa remarried and then later another sister and brother, married young, had economic struggles with career changes for spouses, the trials and tribulations of raising kids (seven between them) who didn't always make great choices (myself included), and many others. Now, Aunt Winona is by my Mom's side, comforting her, praying for her, and loving on her when she needs it most. I am sad to know that the days with my Mom are numbered (shorter than for most people), and I sometimes am so absorbed with my own sense of loss and grief, that I selfishly forget about the pain my Mom's sisters and brothers are going through too. I was so glad to visit in March and see Aunt Winona and really watch, and really listen, this time, for the love between sisters.

How do peole make it through life without a sister? I am blessed...

Indeed. I have two.

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