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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

more firsts...and September stuff...(aka update part 3)

Birthdays...silly dates on the calendar, meaningless numbers, right?

Ask me last year, and a gloomy,middle aged, "girl" would answer, "yeah right". Ask me now, and I'd say, "who cares?". Really...what was my deal last year with the big 4-0? Not sure. That was sort of unlike me...to get all pessimistic and whatever else.

So, if you've followed my random musings, you know that about a month after my big 4-0 came and went last year, in a largely uncelebrated way, that I realized a key point. I had missed an opportunity to have a huge party. I mean, really, when you are a grown-up, you just can't get away with a bouncy castle, horse rides, a clown making balloon animals, and 53 of your best friends coming over to celebrate with high expectation of the goodie bags you will deliver on their way out the door after the grand party.

Unless, you are celebrating your last week of 40!

Many of my faithful blog followers attended said "grown up party" and did not seem disappointed in the least that I did not deliver on the bouncy castle, horse rides, a clown making balloon animals and goodie bags. However, there were about 35 friends over to celebrate and assist us in devouring an army's worth of delicious Chinese food, a super cool birthday cake and scrumptious homemade ice-cream.

Good times! Thanks everybody!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more firsts...and September stuff...(aka update part 2)

Swim, bike, run. Together...all in succession. Sounds great, right? If you are my darling husband, this apparently does sound great. If you are me, you sprained your wrist typing this blog.

OK...back to the story...

Last May, one of John's co-workers mentioned a Sprint Triathalon that his wife had competed in the year prior. That co-worker mentioned it to me, and together we put a teensy-weensy bit of pressure on my middle-aged, balding, but oh so not fat, husband, and "it was on".

John trained over the summer (although he will quickly tell you he didn't train enough...yeah, right), and worked with a personal trainer to design a program, as well as consulted with former swimming star and coach, my good friend HB, for some tips.

Knowing John as well as I do, I wasn't surprised about his slight obsession with training, his times/splits, etc. nor that he procrastinated and registered after the deadline (but was able to be register late when they opened it up again). Additionally, I was not surprised when he almost didn't do it the week of the event (at that point I had to resort to "sissy" taunting to get him to do it). Yes, all because he felt he may not have trained enough.

How did he do? Well, OK, I guess, blah blah blah. He WON his age group. Sheesh. Yeah, maybe he should've trained harder.

This is a first that I won't be trying anytime soon.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It has been a while...and there is stuff...Firsts

Yes, I still have this blog. Yes, I have the best of intentions. All varieties of time-wasters have kept me from updating here. So, get ready...I feel a series coming.

The first day of school came and is long gone. We are well into the school year and people are reading (Harrison), writing (Camryn) and calculating (Spencer).

I can't believe our "baby" is in 1st grade. He is still our little guy though, and in true Harrison form has announced several days upon arrival at Patti's that he will be taking a nap. He wants to ride his bike to school almost every day (which would not be a good idea, trust me). He is doing well in school (reading on his own a little) and AWANA too.

The girl is doing really great in 5th grade. She seemingly has turned over a new leaf and is on top of her homework (in a very timely manner) as well as her AWANA verses/activities. She is definately a pre-teen in every sense of the word; mood swings, fashion fits, complexion "issues", and extended periods of giggling with her BFF. Nevermind her long and not-so-trimmed looking hair. She is growing it until it is long enough to cut and donate to Locks-of-Love (goal date is around Christmas).

The darling eldest never ceases to amaze me. He is a good kid, albiet a much deeper-thinker than my DNA is capable of contibuting. He is in 8th grade and still excels at math (if he didn't look so much like me, I'd wonder if babies were switched at the hospital). His soccer team is undeafeated (inc. a tie with the other undefeated team), he's playing sax, and according to our youth paster is a leader in the middle school (insert proud mom cyber-bumper sticker here).

OK...this wraps up Part 1 of my updates...stay tuned for September festivities next time!