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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Memorial Weekend Camping Re-Cap

We had been planning the Memorial Weekend camping trip to Wallowa Lake (near Joseph, OR) ever since a spontaneous lunch after church back in March with the Schumachers. Add John’s Mom, Chris, coming over the same weekend for a visit, and we knew this was the makings of a great family memory. It was, in so many more ways than you can imagine.

We enjoyed a beautiful, 2+ hours scenic drive to get there and paused for rocking climbing and jumping (aka burning off some energy).

The weather was going to be cool and possibly rainy. We all prayed for mercy in this area and were at least spared the rain. We spent lots of time by the fire, ate more marshmallows than you would think humanly possible, told stories, and laughed and laughed.

The boys were in Heaven on earth. There were sticks to whittle, rocks and pine cones to throw, fish to catch, and “war games” to play. Meanwhile, the girls went to town to check out the cute shops, which if you ask me, was the best part (OK…it was warmer in town…and the company was great).

We explored the stream that feeds the lake and played there for hours with rocks and a rock-fetching dog. We rented a pontoon boat and explored the lake a little too.

Despite the cold, the wet, and a few injuries, what made this trip so great is the family and friends.


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Another Rite of Passage...

The little girl has been gradually, and now suddenly, becoming a Tween. Even though Camryn is only 11 1/2, she seems so grown up now with her new hair cut, her 'new' height (5'3") and eagerness to start middle school next fall.

We decided (John, Cam and I) a few years ago that she would have to wait to pierce her ears until she was finished with elementary school and on her way to middle school. Well, school was out last Thursday at noon and waiting until Saturday afternoon was just agonizing.

So, off we (Mom-Dot) went to the 'big' mall and to Claire's for the latest event in a summer that is bound to be full of becoming a Tween. Camryn was really brave and didn't flinch a bit!

Now her sparkly ears match her very sparkly personality! She is still just so excited about this big event! See for yourself...