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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pirates...in Pullman?

Did you know that long long ago the ocean came all the way inland to Pullman, Washington? How else would you explain the the fact that Harrison has recently come into some money, jewels and gold coins?

About 2 weeks ago, Harrison wanted to help me by digging up dandylions in the yard. After digging a 12" hole in the middle of the yard, I decided the digging needed to occur elsewhere and tasked him with digging a hole near the side or our house where nothing will grow in the shade. Fast forward a few days and the hole was about 5' across and 3' deep. Harrison said he was either creating a boobie trap for ? (not sure who/what) and/or a grave for John. No, Harrison hasn't become homicidal, he told us that when John got old and died he wanted to bury him there so he would still be close (ah...how sweet).

Ok...back to the discovery of treasure. I'll let you in on the secret...but don't tell Harrison!

My darling oldest had a great idea. He collected all the pennies and nickels from around the house, placed them in a plastic box and buried it in the hole. Shortly thereafter, Harrison found it with his buddy Daniel and they became convinced (of course we helped with this) that pirates had buried it there. The pirate idea became even more convincing when they later found a treasure map (drawn on grocery sack paper...very authentic looking) that led them to the back yard for more buried money. Seriously...aren't my oldest and my husband (who was in on this later escapade) the best?

Well, the oldest and the spouse weren't satisfied with their efforts, so a more complicated series of maps, treasures and family outtings for digging ensued. Here are the photos and a video so you can get in on this fun too!


again...what is with these videos?

Yankees T-Ball season finale

Ah yes...the Yankees (Harrison's t-bal team). Although the real NY Yankess are a much disliked team in these parts, Harrison doesn't know that, wouldn't care anyway and had such a positive and fun...and hillarious, first go at T-ball. Here are a few more photos from the season and a short video for your amusement!


FYI...this is how Harrison runs into home every time!

She flips, she skips, she spins...

and gets ribbons!
Camryn just finished her third year of gymnastics and the spring show was in late May. She only takes 1-2 classes a week, and with her nearly 5' lanky frame, well, let's just say, she likes gymnastics and it's good for her coordination. It is fun to watch when we go to the show and the whole "gym" particiapted in a floor routine to a Miley Cyrus song. Enjoy!

Sorry about the sideways video. Not sure why blogger does this sometimes!

Saying goodbye to P-town friends...not my favorite!

One of the major bummers about living in P-town is that amazing, wonderful, talented, loving, fabulous people come into your life, sometimes as students and leave (graduate) just when you felt you knew them, others stay a little longer, but truth be told, it is heartbreaking for me. Being the social creature (pack animal) I am, I am most happy when surrounded by not only family but a circle of friends.
So, yesterday was another of those sad days. I had to say goodbye to my sweet, funny, sarcastic, Will Ferrell-loving friend, Heather Bracket. Sure, it's not 1852 and we have ways to communicate from afar, but time spent with Heather has become a bright spot in my days/weeks. We laugh, we craft, we cry, and well...I don't do that with many people.
In honor of my dear friend, Heather, I'm sharing the things I love most about her (in no particular order):
  1. She was actually interested in being my friend despite the fact that I am an old, boring, married woman with 3 kids.
  2. She loves my kids and has been a big part of their lives for the last 5+ years.
  3. She is very crafty...my kind of gal! She taught me to make jewelry...a gift that has benefited many friends and family members!
  4. She is quite possibly one of the funniest women I know. She has a very dry, witty, sarcastic sense of humor. I wish I was that clever. Check out her blog (linked at right) and you'll see what I mean.
  5. She's had tough times...and shared them with me. It's good to know I'm not the only one with "crap" going on sometimes.
  6. She has been such a great friend for me...just when I really needed one.

Heather, has been a gift to my life. God, thank you for her!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Harrison's Debut into the All American sport - baseball!

If you have ever been to a T-Ball game, you'll relate to this post. If you know Harrison, a little or a lot, you'll really relate to this post.
Harrison has been counting down the days until T Ball started for months. The prepartions for becoming a part of the Pullman Parks and Rec New York Yankees T-Ball team included: playing catch with John, batting practice, and trying on Spencer's old baseball uniform (from when he was 9). Sure, the uniform is about 3 sizes too big, but that doesn't matter to Harrision, who insists he must wear the white baseball pants to every practice and game.
Finally, the time came for practices to begin (early May) and then the first game (May 27). In true Harrison form, with great gusto and exhuberance, the hillarity has begun. Harrison is loving this! He hits pretty well, has a strong throwing arm, runs fast and....slides after everyone one of those things! We have invested in a variety of stain removers to get us through the season! And, when he plays first base, and you're the lucky kid running in, you'll be congratulated with a high five and maybe a hug (see photo below).
Yes, Harrison has taken up America's greatest summer pastime. He loves it and we love watching him play!
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