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Thursday, February 25, 2010

yet more evidence he is not a baby anymore...

I try to be objective about my kids.  I don't think they are always perfect, right, or otherwise adorable to everyone who knows them.  But, seriously, can I be a super-duper proud Mom here? 

The back story:
Kid #1 has the hair, plays soccer, is smart, but is also...a band kid.  Plays alto sax.  Pretty well to this untrained ear.  A couple of weeks back there was a regional music "contest" and his 8-person sax ensemble received a 1 (highest possible score) and great feedback.  Spencer didn't play his usual alto sax, but rather a teeny-tiny some other sort of high soprano sax.  So...he was feeling good, I was proud of him and the other kids...

Fast forward to today:
Around here, the big event every February is the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival (google it...it is a big deal). Spencer is in his middle school's "elite" jazz ensemble (about 12 kids).  They performed at the Jazz Festival today, which all his school's "teams" did.  

However...drum roll please...

Spencer's Jazz ensemble was selected to perform on stage in the huge coliseum as one of the evening performance acts and was the winner of their division!!!! They got to play at the finale of the day concert! 

Are you kidding me?  He found out at 5:05 and they went on stage at 5:30.  Neither John nor I would've been able to get to cars, drive the 8 miles, park, get in there, etc. in time to see it....huge bummer.  But, wow.  What an honor!  Spencer was so excited about it. 

   Here is a link to the youtube video of it:
There you have it...I'm not going to put a bumper sticker on the mini-van about it, but pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

He is NOT a baby anymore...

Fourteen years ago tonight, puffed up like a hip-hop-o-potimous, I prepared for bed.  Sure, I was "on bedrest" with soaring blood pressure, but like many first-timers, I "didn't get it".  This is the night that my life changed forever.  For the better. 

Due to the crazy blood pressure, Spencer Clayton could not stay in "casa de Mom" any longer and he was abruptly brought into this world via emergency c-section on February 8th.  He was so tiny and so helpless.  

Oh, how things have changed. 
  I loved him instantly then.  I love him still.  I even really really like him.  He is smart, strong, tall, talented, humble, kind, witty and sarcastic, and usually does the right thing.  How did I get a kid like this?  

Again...I'm leading a blessed life here people.  Really, I am.