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Saturday, September 13, 2008

It's after 10 pm, on the eve of ...

a really big birthday. I have insisted to many inquirers of my birthday and the age I'll be this year, that until this hour of this day, I would not be "almost" anything. Yeah, right....tell my gray hair, wrinkles, saggy ___ (various options here), and an even older spouse and growing kids, that I'm not "almost"...dare I say it, 40?!

Hmmm...shouldn't I be out celebrating, acting like a 20-year old, kicking up my heels, gettin' my groove on, or something? Maybe I should be in Vegas, gambling our savings away (actually a couple of rolls of nickels at the slot machines would be all I could handle). Maybe I should be in my PJs, eating a pint of Ben & Jerrys? Actually, I should be doing my homework...

OR, maybe I should be doing just want I am. Hanging out at home after a fun day with my friend Angela on Friday at Paper Pals, and after an ill-fated quest for a Funnel Cake from the Latah Co. Fair with April and Heather (long story), and after a great chick flick with friends (Sex and the City) and today, a contemplative and solitary day of errand running and a little shopping, all leading up to dinner and a (weird) movie with John.
This is good. 2+ days of me-time...thinking, praying, singing, reading, contemplating. Now I could put on the totally cheery "blog-face" and say, no biggie, who cares, whatever. But, really, this is a tough one...I know it is silly and sort of vain, but ... time is speeding up my friends...it waits for no one.

So...here's to tomorrow. I've contemplated enough. Tomorrow...I focus on just how blessed I truly am. Thank you to my Mom for having me, and both of my parents for putting up with me (especially as a pre-schooler and again as teenager...yikes!). Thanks to John for loving me, and the kids for thinking I'm the best Mom ever! I am blessed beyond what I ever imagined...


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My baby...is a...boy...in Kindergarden! (snif snif tear...)

Wait...my baby isn't a baby anymore...he's not even a pre-schooler anymore. He's a Kindergardener.
He still needs his Mom (and Dad, of course), but less and less every day.

How did 5 1/2 years go by so quickly?

Wasn't it just yesterday that I was sleeping in 2-3 hours bits, rocking him, holding him, and singing to him?

Wasn't it just yesterday he was learning to walk and fell down the steps, getting his first black-eye and permanantly damaging his eyebrow (hairs don't grow there anymore)?

Wasn't it just yesterday that he jumped right into the mix with his older brother and sister on everything from the trampoline and roller blading to bike-riding?

Wasn't it just yesterday he was a Care Bear for Halloween and later Rahpael for yet another Halloween?

Wasn't it just yesterday that we had a Cars birthday party for him and then a TMNT party?

No, it wasn't just yesterday, even though my sentimental, sappy, Mom-heart wants it to be. This is my baby; my crazy, funny, witty, wicked-smart, adventurous, going-to- give- his- teacher- a- good-run, boy. He's not a baby...he's a little boy.

This new stage is an adventure in his little life, and a big milestone in mine. All of my kids are in school, I'm having a big birthday, my hair is graying, my wrinkles are showing, and my life is good.

Babies grow up...as they should:)

What Happened to Summer?

Really...remember my series on "signs of spring"? I was still "documenting" them in June...and it snowed then too!

Seriously, it was hot, like it was actually summer, all of about 3 days in Pullman, and here we go..it's fall, and my kids (ALL 3 of them) are starting school, on a cold, cloudy (great for photos) rainy day in late August.

After the "mandatory" first day of school photos, Spencer took off to catch his "Tripper" bus, while John and I headed to Jefferson Elementary with Camryn and Harrison.

Not only where did summer go, where has the time gone? See next post on my mid-life musings about time and my youngest...sigh...