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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A gift from my uncle...

Lest my 2.3 blog readers believe I have a rich uncle that died, or better yet, didn't but is giving away his cash rather than using it in his fireplace, nope...I'm talkin' Uncle Sam.

There's this little thing called taxes (the only other certain thing in life besides death). In a "middle class" family like mine, the taxes are actually not so little. But, heck, why shouldn't I make my own car payments and then somebody else's too? Maybe next year the IRS will put a box on the tax return that you can check that instead of campaign donations, you can pre-pay your grandchildren's deficit taxes. What, your oldest child is only 5? It matters not...death and taxes are guaranteed.

So...back to taxes. I like to refer to the Cory Family tax return as the Uncle Sam Savings Plan. You see...every pay period we scratch our heads and wonder why we don't have more money "in hand". Well, see I've worked out this great deal. I give a whole bunch of our money to Uncle Sam, he spends it on who knows what that matters, and then later I search for what feels like hours looking for important papers, jump through some electronic (www.freetaxact.com) hoops, and ta-da, I get a miniscule amount of my money back.

And so it goes. Do I know there is a better way? Of course...but hey, I'm doin' my part...loaning the government my money (Ha!). However, this "program" has it's perks. This little savings "bonus" will move us to the "nearly debt free" category by next week!

Yahoo! Thanks Uncle Sam!