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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Great times at CKC!

Yes...I went to a scrapbooking convention. Now, before you chuckle or even judge, consider this...

Do you have a hobby you really really enjoy?
Do you have some friends that you like to hang out with?
Do you ever just want to combine the hobby with time with friends?

Me, too!

Thus, after weeks of discussing it (back in July), signing up the day registration opened (August) and then counting down the months, weeks and days until Creating Keepsakes Convention in Seattle (November 13-15), we (shown above) made the trek over the mountains for 2 days of scrapbook classes, scrapbook shopping (oh, how we do love the vendor fair), a delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and GREAT TIMES with the girls!

Oh yeah, and we met "celebraties". In the scrapbooking world, yes, there are "famous people". Like Stacy Julian (amazing founder of Simple Scrapbooks magazine and Big Picture Scrapbooking...shown in pink), Wendy Smedley (also amazing, and editor of Simple Scrapbooks magazine...shown bottome left with me and Angela), and finally Mandy (2009 Scrapbooker of the Year for CK magazine...shown bottom middle with the other Angela and I).

This was a great trip! Aren't you jealous?
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Modern medicine....ah, it's a good thing

When I was a kid, I had "flat feet" and "they" tried to correct them with "gorgeous" shoes with corrective wedges. In college, I squeezed my feet into every wonderfully sexy shoe around, the pointier the better and the nicely paired these shoes with mini-skirts. In my twenties and early thirties I realized, "I have crappy feet" (enter a variety of miscellaneous maladies). Now, here I am 40, and I guess, the time has come. Deal with the feet, well at least one of them.

OK...yes, having surgery on your foot that essentially slices, dices, shaves, pins, and then stitches you and leaves you in a boot for six weeks and on crazy painkillers for a few days probably doesn't sound like the best thing ever, right? Maybe not, but...

If this were 1832, I would be walking with a cane for the rest of my life, or the village "doctor" would've made some crazy attempt at "healing" my foot, and Lord only knows what would've happened then...I might have six toes. OK, but I do think women wore much more sensible shoes back then...and they were in style.

The spouse(and the rest of us) has thoroughly enjoyed the delicious meals that several kind friends have brought. He commented that we should keep the boot around for awhile...

So, yeah...I'll take the boot (not because of the meals), but because I'm grateful. Grateful for doctors, nurses, surgeons....they are wicked smart, and wonderfully skilled. Everyone has been so helpful and I'm on the mend. My foot may even have it's "clock" set back about 20 years.

Sexy left foot anyone?