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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I am leading a blessed life...

 Really I am.  

Recently, one of the few times in my adult life, I was really really wondering, what God was doing (with me specifically).  You know, the times that you question the Almighty God, Creator of the University, about His decision making?  

Yeah, I know.  Super. Duper.  Arrogant and weak.

Actually, I didn't think God was engineering the challenging situation (no, that had the big S all over it), but I kept wondering and often doubting whether God was doing something bigger, better, and more clever than I could see anytime in the near future, or would it be "forever" from now before things made sense.   Those with stronger faith than mine just thought, "of course He was".  

And you are right. 

Lessons learned:
  • Be careful in what you place your identity. 
  • Be grateful everyday for what God had provided you. 
  • Don't be so impatient in trying to understand what God has in store.  
  • God has a plan...and it doesn't involve harm to me. 
  • Other believers are ready and willing to share your burden and lift you in prayer...over and over and over.
  • God is good.  

Monday, January 25, 2010

And the winner on my blog is....drum roll please...

Thanks for participating in our blog hop!  We all had a ton of fun with this!
The winner of the "mysterious" prize on my blog (uh, because I forgot to post a photo of it) is...
She said she would wish for:  
1 - a cure for my sons rare disease    2 - that I will never lose any loved ones    3 - that i will have a happy marriage and happy family forever    
I hope her wishes, and yours, all come true!    
mom2m4boys...please contact me at anitacory@hotmail.com by Thursday, January 28, 8 PM PST with your address so I can send your prize!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Welcome Blog Hoppers!

 Ah, my friend Angela Lenssen, of the Paper Pals Design Team is really really creative, don't you agree? Not only is she creative enough that Creating Keepsakes featured her in this month's issue (p. 18), but she is so clever and has created this blog-hopping extravaganza for all of us to enjoy!  Start over at her blog and join in the fun between now and 8:00 pm on January 25th!

So, if you are so inclined...that is to hop from blog to blog and potentially win all manner of crafty prizes, here's what you need to do. Visit the Paper Pals Design team blog (linked at right and below) and the other Paper Pals Design Team blogs (below). Follow their instructions and have fun!

For a prize (that you'll have to check back to see revealed), please answer this question. Drum roll please...

If you found a magic lamp with a genie inside, what would your three wishes be?  (oh, and one of them cannot be to wish for more wishes...Ha!) 

Now hop on over to my fellow Paper Pals Design Team Member's blogs for more fun:

Oh...and come back again. I'll be making some changes and starting another blog where I will share my love of all things crafty (also known as my distractions from what I should really be doing at any given time :)