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Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Teen in the House

This girl captured our hearts thirteen years ago, and we haven't looked back. Of course, I totally love the boys, but almost every day I wonder, "what would I do without a daughter?" Of course, I'm completely blessed by all three kids, but there is something wonderfully unique and totally special about having a daughter.

Yep, she is 13. And almost all that goes with it. Cam is totally "my girl". She can be sweet, then sassy. She is compliant, then stubborn. She is a "faith, more than facts" person. Her "blonde moments" are completely attributable to my DNA at work. Her naive, yet happy, approach to life, yeah, that's me too. She doesn't look like me, but she is my mini-me.

The road to becoming a teen has been traveled exponentially fast. Have we broken the sound barrier here? There are only five more years with us at home. Lord, I pray you slow down this journey. Help us all truly live it with no regrets, love it with the ups and downs, and bring her closer to you every day.


Monday, January 9, 2012

To get the perfect family photo, there will be out takes!

First, a special thanks goes out to my good friend with mad photography skills, Angela Lenssen. Yes, the same one that is in my blog roll on the right. Head over to her blog to see more of her great work!

Second, anyone who thinks it is difficult to get little kids to cooperate during photo shoots, please take special note who is the goofiest Cory family member in these photos! Oh brother!

Third, there are great spots for photos all over the place. Just keep your eyes open.

Finally, this was fun! We should do it again next year!


In no particular order, but including the "out takes":












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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

She was a good sister wife.

Our sweet Ellie dog is gone.

She was 11 1/2 and suffered a stroke on Black Friday. She was touch and go for several days after that, but made a really impressive recovery, until about a week ago, and then she went back down that hill. She was suffering so we had to offer a last mercy to our dear old girl. We all stayed with her until her very last breath. Oh we'll miss her.

But, like human memorial services, we often need to reflect on the life lived as a way of grieving. So, I offer her a few simple ways in which Ellie was like my sister wife, filling some gaps that I probably never could.

Ellie was:
--very loyal to John, and the kids after that.
--a good running buddy (she and I certainly part ways here) and ran miles and miles with John for more than 9 years of her life (often with strollers as well).
--a playful wrastler.
--a wonderful snuggler, in fact, she may have spooned with John more than I (get) to. Hmm. I need to discuss that with him.
--quiet and reserved. Always a nice girl (especially around other dogs).
smart and willing to learn more.

What a blessing Ellie was to our family. We found her at a shelter when she was about 8 weeks old. An adorable black fluff ball. Right, everything is cute when it is little. She wasn't a "cute" dog, she was a good, loving, sweet, loyal, playful, energetic, and silly dog.

She really was Man's Best Friend. One man in particular.

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