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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The uninspiring is inspired...and committed!

I'm inspired. My good friend HB left me a great comment and was apparently inspired by my last post. I do my best to inspire, really I do. But this time, she inspired me. She is also trying not to freak out, but is also making commitments to do something about the freak-out potential.

So...thanks for the inspiration, my friend...here are my commitments:
(also not necessarily in order)

1. Pray (the Bible says to do so "without ceasing"). I commit to taking it ALL to Him...I usually don't want to "worry" Him (yeah, right) with the small stuff, and then all of the sudden it's big stuff. Things need to change...He can do anything, and I know it...now I just need to pray like I believe it too!

2. Get Healthy. So the foot surgery tomorrow can be a blessing in disguise, right? A wake-up call to health. I can diet, eat right and get exercise (even with a "boot"). I need to get more sleep and more exercise of both my body and my spirit... I will Just Do It.

3. Be a better wife. Perhaps my "wife-style" of acting like a shift manager at the local fast food burger place isn't the best. Less "to do" lists...more love, attention, conversations, and affection.

4. Be a more patient and giving Mom. When I find myself saying, "I don't have time for this" more than once a _______, I need to figure out why I don't have enough time to help, supervise, or otherwise parent my kids. It's not like they're being raised by wolves, but I can do better.

5. Give. Generously. I will believe that God rewards His generous givers. I've never heard of a generous giver that wasn't blessed, usually "ten-fold". I commit to not being afraid to part with our blessings and resources to those in need, missionaries, the church, etc. After all, I'm not afraid to "give" at ___________ (local retailer).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Let's be honest...I'm trying not to freak out here...

Top 5 Things I'm tying not to freak out about:
(not necessarily in order)

1. Quantitative statistics class - not only do I need to pass this class, but I also need to have a basic understanding of it...so far, the outlook is not good.

2. Bunion surgery on Wednesday afternoon - trying not to worry I'll be the 1 in a 1,000,o00 people who croak in outpatient surgery, and if/when I survive it, I'm trying not to worry about how much it will hurt, and how behind I will get on everything, including #1.

3. Budget cuts for my office - I have never had to take a budget cut in the Center, until now. We're losing a staff member to another office (with a different funding source), so thankfully she doesn't lose her job, but sadly, now me and one other staff member will be doing her job. So, I'm trying not to freak out about working more than I already do.

4. My daughter and her educational process - I worry every day that she isn't learning enough and is falling behind (I'm not saying this because she gets good grades and we expect better, I'm realistically saying she struggles). It is heartbreaking to watch.

5. Money - I'm trying not to worry that we are headed for the Second Great Depression and that we'll be on the street, with 4 chickens and selling their eggs. You might be chuckling at that, but like most Americans we're living the dream: mortgage, car payments, consumer debt...you know all the stuff that spells disaster.

So, yeah...I'm in a bad patch...I thought maybe if I put these Top 5 Freak-out worthy issues out to the blog-o-sphere, the cathartic process of "journaling" might help. We'll see....Now, back to reading for stats class...


Saturday, October 11, 2008

40 and Fabulous...

...well, mostly.

OK seriously, I've been MIA from the Cory Connection....and I suspect friends far and near have been afraid to ask me anything about it after that last post.

I turned 40 and I don't really feel any different. Even now a month later, it seems silly to have been contemplating that birthday so much.

There are really far more important things to contemplate such as, how on earth will I pass the Quantitative Research methods class I'm currently procrastinating on test-studying for? Remember, "passing" in grad. school is a B or better. I'm confident in my "straight C" abilities in anything math related, but a B or better...that is another matter altogether. So, instead of studying harder and even more, I'm procrastinating...chex mix or batch of cookies anyone?

Or maybe I should be more concerned about my health, and why my foot has been hurting for 7 weeks and I just yesterday finally went to the doctor...Hopefully "it's not a tumor" (read Arnold Schwartenegger voice from Kindergarten Cop here).

Maybe I should spend more time contemplating how to strengthen my friendships and marriage, teach my children what they need to know and, well, just about anything except worrying about a birthday.

So, in the spirit of leaving that ridiculous day in the dust, and closing that chapter, here is the Big 4-0 birthday run down:

  • I had a great day of scrap booking w/ Angela (thanks for lunch friend) and after she read on the last blog post that we tried to acquire a funnel cake at the Latah County fair (in vain), she called me over and had made a birthday funnel cake, just for me!

  • I saw Sex and the City w/April and Heather.

  • John made one of my favorite desserts (peach cream pie), took me to dinner & shopping and bought me flowers. A few days before the big day, I was greeted in the morning by a very sweet set of sticky notes that outlined the things he loved about me...ah...

  • Tricia, Gena and David all gifted me with lovely things: a very special bracelet, beautiful pottery, candle warmers, and a Donna Downey autographed book. (more photos to come of these things)

  • Heather made a lovely "lilies of the field" bracelet and necklace for me...she is so thoughtful. The lillies reference is to a passage in Matthew chapter 6...so fitting for all the worrying I was doing.
  • The staff at my office took me to lunch, and didn't make a "big deal" of the fact that this was a big one (though it probably about killed some of them to not do that). They got me a gift card to Paper Pals (thanks!) and other goodies.

  • A few days later, I was able to visit family in Nebraska...time with them is just a great gift in itself, but the trip included: 1:1 time with Gena (and watching Better Off Dead), helping to surprise Stacy for her 30th birthday, seeing cousins, hanging with Mom & Dad, and a little bit of shopping.

There you have it in words and in photos. All is well...and now, back to studying!