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Monday, January 31, 2011

videos...milestones and markers....

Scroll down and read the next post first. Then, if the photos don't give it away...this will.


Milestones and markers...

There is a little bit of my kid's birthdays that is actually torture to me. With each passing birthday of theirs (and mine) I become more and more aware of my own mortality, and my precious limited days with them in my home and me in their life on a daily basis. Gloomy, yes.

Nonetheless, this melancholy realization does spur me on in unusual ways. Feeling that "I'm missing it" is a huge motivator for me to finish writing my dissertation. I would really like to return to my "regularly scheduled programming" of doting on my kids, loving on my husband, and making this house a home.

We recently had a birthday in our house. I "took off" about half a day to participate and then had to spend twelve hours the next day catching up! Sigh.

Yes, my baby girl has had another milestone. Not only is she 12, which really seems much older than 11, we had a very "girly" party and we relented and she received the birthday gift of her dreams!