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Monday, March 10, 2008

The Trouble with Time Zones and Time Changes

I'm back in action with a high speed connection... yahoo!

OK..since last Friday I've been in every time zone, through a time change, and "now I'm back in the middle again" (Central time zone) at my parents in Nebraska. Thank goodness it is not 10 degrees...it's about 50...love it! With all these time zones and time changes I'm pretty pooped. The clock says it is 10:20 pm, but my body is telling me I'm in Europe somewhere! I need to get to bed!

Just spent the weekend with Karen in Indy. We ate, drank, laughed, talked, sleep (and apparently I snored...sorry friend!), and scrapbooked at Archivers (did someone say the Mecca of all scrapbooking stores...yes, that's the one) on Saturday. I treasure the time with her, but it's bittersweet....she just lives too far away now!

Her husband, Ethan, is "in a band for God". What? Yes, he still works for Campus Crusade for Christ, but now with their music outreach ministry, Keynote. He is on a short tour this week to New Orleans (they have only one gig this time). He and the band are doing some Katrina relief work and he called on Sunday to share some fun news. The relief work is helping out Ty Pennington and Co. on ABC's Extreme Home Makeover! How cool is that?! The Ehrstines love that show...what a cool thing for him to have to share with his family....will he be on TV?

Had lunch with my younger, engaged, stressed (about the new job), but amazingly genuine and caring brother, Dave today. He loaned me his car to drive down to Mom and Dad's place (thanks buddy!). The wedding is in 10 weeks and there are a few glitches on the horizon...either way, they'll be married, but it sure would be nice for them if things fell into place pretty soon!

Now, here I am at my parents...should go to sleep...but perhaps watching Jay Leno with Dad will prompt good time? It is bittersweet to be here as well...it is hard to see Mom suffering and struggling with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and to see my Dad dealing with losing his life's mate. When you've been with someone 40 years, I can only imagine how devastating it would be to contemplate losing them.

OK...enough of the sad/bittersweet stuff. I am blessed. Blessed to have the ability and resources to be on this trip and having this time with people I love. Thank you Sue for sending me to Indy to see Karen, and thanks to God for giving my family the resources to send me here! I am blessed...despite the trouble with time zones and time changes!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ah...Thursday...for me it is Friday. In a little more than 24 hours I'll be in Indy with Karen, eating, drinking, laughing...you know the usual merriment when with your best friend. Then scrap-a-dapping all weekend! Did I mention I'm really excited? Is there any better way to spend a weekend? OK, maybe a massage, or a romantic get-away, but this is pretty high on the list.

If you haven't seen it, you should go over to the Paper Pals Design Team blog (www.paperpalsdesignteam.blogspot.com). I've been posting some of my projects there...when I have some time, I'll post them here. But, in the meantime, you'll get to see the beautiful/clever creations of the talented life artists at Paper Pals. Yeah, you're my friend, and you like to see my stuff, but trust me, you are in for a treat when you see the rest of the gang!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Turns out, it was a good day to be born!

Last thing, then really, I'm sleeping (which is probably NOT what our friends Heather and Brandon are doing right now).

Yep, little ( or not so little) Eva Lorraine Brackett was born earlier today at 1:55 am. Brandon says Heather is doing OK, just tired. No wonder... Eva came in (or should I say out) at 9 pounds, 3 ounces. Yikes! Wait, do I need to return the cute little size 0-3 onsie?


travelling and other random stuff

The gals over at Paper Pals are so great. Knowing I had such a busy week, and still working out the logistics of blogging (i.e. this time it is, how to post a photo), Shawna took photos for me and put them on the Design Team blog. You can take a look at http://paperpalsdesignteam.blogspot.com/.

I'm on my trip...although travelling by plane can be a pain, it is way way way better than having to drive to Portland, then Seattle, then home. Yeah for frequent flier miles! Tomorrow, we're off to Seattle for another meeting...could be a tough crowd. If you pray, I'd appreciate it, if you do a traditional dance for good luck, wish on stars, pluck 4 leaf clovers, or any other sort of good mojo inducing activity, I'll take it.

I'm here with my sister and niece and nephew tonight...did I mention they are super cute kids? Maybe they'll appear in some upcoming DT work? You'll have to see their adorable-ness for yourself.

So, did I mention I get to see my friend Karen and scrapbook all weekend? I'm counting the minutes. I think it is about 4200 minutes from now...OK, 3 days!

Seriously...I'm blogging when I should be sleeping...TTFN!

Monday, March 3, 2008

The new blog was so naked, it was just created yesterday and I'm still working out the bugs (ie, me not knowing what I'm doing). Here are some random rambling thoughts to get this kicked off! Thanks to Karen and Shawna at Paper Pals for giving me the motivation/reason to get the Cory Connection up and running. This could be fun, right?

Ah, Mondays. Not my favorite. Too many projects, too little time. Meetings, meetings, meetings, then errands at lunch, and kids to gymnastics. On the other hand, what are my options? Nothing to do, no where to go? Boring...

This is a busy week...in today, out Tuesday and Wednesday for a work trip (sidebar: I'll get to see my sister and some old, good friends on the trip), back in on Thursday and then out March 7-13 (yeah, I get to see my friend Karen in Indy and my family in Nebraska!). Nonetheless, when I get back, I may not want to deal with another suitcase for some time.

Last, but not least...Today/tomorrow seems like a good day to be born, right? Our friend Heather just called from the hospital. She and Brandon's daughter, Eva, is trying to get out today...very cool. It's their first baby, and of course they are a little freaked, but they will be good and it will all be good.

Come back later...I will be figuring out how to post my most recent Paper Pals Design Team projects and some other crafty noddling I've done lately!