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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

When I say camping, I mean...

After a 10+ year hiatus from Cory Family Camping (do the math...Spencer was only 2 then), we packed up the "off road truckster" (aka Dodge Grand Caravan) and made the "long" journey to Hells Gate State Park...yes, only about an hour from home, and about 4 miles from Lewiston, Idaho. When we arrived, the DH was surprised to find a water hydrant very nearby and the restrooms barely further than my boys could hit in a peeing contest. We had to clarify...DH's idea of camping? Pack only what you can carry on your back and pack on a horse and head for the hills. My idea of camping? This was it. The only amenity we didn't have was electricity, well, and air conditioning, and a TV, a soft comfy bed, etc. You get the idea.

Nonetheless, our "urban camping" (as DH coined the experience) was fun. We ate (too much), swam, skipped rocks, played new card games, played guitar (just DH), ate S'Mores and had a good, cheap, fun family time. Oh...did I mention that when it got too hot out "there" on Saturday afternoon DH and kid #1 went to see The Dark Knight and I took the other two to see the American Girl movie. There is just something about camping like this that I can get used to!

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